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Some buyers assume the home inspection covers the pool, it's rare when it does. Even if they offer pool inspections, many home inspectors don't have the required expertise to evaluate a pool. In fact, most home inspection reports include a disclaimer covering the pool.

When it comes to buying a home with a pool, you want to have your eyes wide open. Unless you're a pool expert yourself, it'll be wise to engage a professional pool service company to conduct a thorough inspection.


Items LeakPro, Inc. Inspects
• Pool Electrical
-Inspect subpanel, pool lights, timer, receptacles and switches to make sure all are in proper working order.

• Circulating System
-Test pump filter and valves for functionality.

• Pool Interior
-Inspect pool finishing, any cracks, stains and condition of all tile and coping.

• Pool Underground Plumbing
-Pressure test pipes, dye test pipes to diagnose any potential issues.

The biggest reason to have a Pool Inspection done before purchasing a home, is to prevent unforeseen repair costs of up to $15,000.

What's Included in a Pool Inspection?


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